Revenue-Generating Memorable Music and Wind Farm Royalties Royalty Roundup: January 28 - February 3

Feb 03, 2015

Revenue-Generating Memorable Music and Wind Farm Royalties
Royalty Investments 2015

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Invest in the Sticky Staying Power of Music Memories: "These songs were written decades ago, but are still earning revenue for royalty rights holders today, not only because they are catchy songs, but that they're catchy songs people still remember today." Click here to read more.  

Royalty Exchange Has its 2nd Wind Farm Auction - SOLD!

Wind Farm Royalties at Auction for Camp Springs II Energy Center Wind Farm located in Scurry County.  Auction has sold through the Royalty Exchange "Make an Offer" option.  Click here to read more. 

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Wind Farm

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ONLINE AUCTIONS: Current & Recent Sale

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Warner Brothers
BMI Royalties at Online Auction
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Live Auctions
  • Timothy Andrew Edwards: Bid on $78,524 of Timothy Edward's ASCAP writer's share of public performance music royalties on a production music catalog that includes 188 compositions owned by Telepictures, a division of Warner Brothers. Compositions for this catalog are featured in Ellen, Dr. Drew, Anderson, TMZ, Judge Mathis, Extra and over 100 other shows across 28 countries.

 Recent Auction Sales

    • Camp Springs II Wind Farm: SOLD $175,000 25% royalty interest in Camp Springs Energy Center II Wind Farm located in Scurry County just outside of Snyder, Texas and consists of 87 General Electric 1.5 sle wind turbines and is run by Chicago-based Invenergy Wind LLC.
    • Mark Alan Springer SOLD $18,500: 100% of Mark Alan Springer's BMI writer's share of public performance royalties for songs performed by Kenny Chesney, Tanya Tucker, Waylon Jennings, Travis Tritt, Alabama and more. This royalty stream will pay out a total of $39,744 for this investment.
  • Kool Moe Dee  SOLD $41,000: KoolMoeDee's BMI writers share, consisting of 135 earning titles. Songs have been featured in Wild Wild West, Love and Basketball, Boyz N The Hood, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Simpsons and many more. This royalty stream will pay out a total of $58,157 for this investments.

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Wind Power's Cash Crop: "It turns out that variable winds are steadier than you may think. Wind is yet another asset backed industry that produces royalty income. In fact SECO finds that a developer can generally expect to obtain royalties of $3,000 to $15,000 per turbine per year. " Click here to read more.

Buried by Streaming Data? Dig Out! Here's How: €œRoyalty owners, Publishers and PRO's in today's industry are coping with numerous challenges in tracking and repor ting song performance data for royalty payment.  This article outlines these challenges and describes how new analytics software called ARIA (Accelerating Royalty Insights with Analytics) addresses these challenges by providing greater transparency into song performance data.€ Click here to read more.


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Royalty Investments 2015


SoundExchange Says It Paid $773 Million in Music Royalties Last Year: "The agency, SoundExchange, a nonprofit group that pays performing artists and record companies when their music is played on Internet and satellite radio services, said on Thursday that it paid $773 million in royalties in 2014.€ Read more here.

Court Awards Sly Stone $5 Million In Lost Royalties: €œSinger Sly Stone has been awarded $5 million in damages and lost royalties. He claimed his manager and lawyer didn't pay him royalties between 1989 and 2000.€ Read more here.

Ohio State expects $3M royalties bump after championship win: €œThe university expects a $3 million increase this year in royalties from licensed merchandise sales as fans continue to buy national championship gear and keepsakes, The Columbus Dispatch reports..€ Read more here.

Changes Proposed To Energy Royalty Payments: €œThe Office of Natural Resources Revenue is maybe not as well known as the Bureau of Land Management or Fish and Wildlife Service, but the much smaller agency has a big job.  They're responsible for collecting royalties on government land.€ Read more here.