Royalty Roundup Nov 28 - Dec 3: Songwriters, Analyze Your Royalty Revenue Potential

Dec 03, 2014

Aria is Here! And We're Not Talking About Operas... 

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Welcome to Royalty Exchange, the only online marketplace where investors and royalty owners may buy and sell royalties of all kinds including music, film, oil and gas, solar energy, geothermal energy, intellectual property and more.  We continue to build upon our success, consistently providing online auctions, special memberships, unique website tools that make royalty investing and ownership more efficient and effective, royalty news and knowledge, plus so much more. 

Royalty Exchange is pleased to introduce ARIA (Accelerate Royalty Insight with Analytics). ARIA makes it incredibly easy to manage and track changing sources of revenue while also saving time, improving results and preparing yourself for the next phase. ARIA is equipped with many features to facilitate a simple and very accessible process for users. The automated catalog retriever is simple, fast, and reliable, pulling information from multiple sources and then integrating all of it into a single view. The tool is complete with data cleansing and matching technology. The automated catalog reporting tool within ARIA allows for sorted, totaled and insightful historic views of royalty information ready in minutes and complete with drill down €“ drill through capabilities. In addition, ARIA features automated analysis guides, which yield comparisons to industry wide statistics showing ranges, trends, averages, minimums, maximums and more. We hope you are as excited as we are about ARIA and all that it can do for royalty investment and music publishing business. What is your next step? Go check out ARIA and give it a try. !

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provides royalty owners a quick, easy way to generate a personalized report of their PRO royalties. (Supports: ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and The Orchard). Contact RE if your provider is not listed.  Click on the ARIA tool to view your potential royalty revenue! ARIA-Accelerate Royalty Insight with Analytics

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Royalty collection includes music royalties from songs performed by Tim McGraw, Toby Keith and Lorrie Morgan.
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James Taylor Fire and Rain
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Live Auctions

    • Bruce Waynne - Bid on 100% of Bruce Waynne's ASCAP writer's share of public performance music royalties. This catalog consists of hit titles performed by Jennifer Lopez, Frank Ocean, John Ledgend, Justin Bieber, Fantasia Barino and many others, as well as songs that were featured in numerous television shows across many networks including MTV, VH1, NBC and CBS.  
  • Wayne Perry- Bid on 100% of Wayne Perry's ASCAP writers share of public performance royalties on a catalog that consists of 664 titles including songs by Tim McGraw, Toby Keith & Lorrie Morgan's number one hit, €œWhat Part of No.€ Songs also have appeared in films such as Men of Honor and Crossroads.
  • Anastas Hackett- Bid on $117,040 of music royalties deriving from the writer's share of ASCAP public performance music royalties for a collection of songs written and produced by Anastas Hackett. This catalog contains 12 songs ranging from Reggae to Caribbean genres including songs by Masters at Work, Kevin Lyttle, Carla Thomas and more.
  • BFM Digital- Bid on 100% ownership of two catalogs of master recordings owned by BFM Digital and all of the related revenue streams associated with them. There are over 6,000 unique recordings in these catalogs with a variety of mixes and edits available including instrumental and ringtone versions of most of the recordings. The Orchard is the current digital distributor of these two catalogs.
  • N'Vision Entertainment- 75% of N'Vision Entertainment's catalog consisting of 3,009 recordings. Including songs written by Vince Gill, Lee Greenwood, James Taylor, Dottie Rambo, Dallas Holm, Bill Gaither, Tommy Walker, Ronnie Hinson, Wally Fowler and many others.

Coming Soon

  • Bloopers Theme Song- Bid on 50% of Tim Mosher's writer's share of public performance royalties for the theme song and cues for the TV show Bloopers. These royalties are payable by SESAC.

Recent Past Sales

    • Martin Blasick- Bid on $69,460 of income against 75% of Martin Blasick's BMI writer's share of public performance royalties from a collection of songs and cues including songs recorded by Lindsay Lohan and Matthew McConaughey.


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This week on Royalty Insider's Royalty Review, investment analyst Jonathan Hoenig steps us through the thought process of comparing the anticipated flows of royalty investment income streams against the performance of other alternatives. Read more here... 


Royalties Making Headlines

Warner Bros Prevails Over Weinteins in Hobbit' Royalties Fight: "A private arbitrator decided against the indie movie moguls and Miramax LLC, the studio they used to run, in a $75 million-plus lawsuit against Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Bros., according to people with knowledge of the matter." Read more here.

APRA AMCOS signs world first deal with Pioneer DJ: "First Performing Right Association to use KUVO to enhance royalty distribution for music played in nightclubs." Read more here.

Chrysler sued for royalties by music industry: "A music industry association has sued Chrysler Group, alleging its customers might be rolling down the street with stolen tunes." Read more here.

For life-saving invention, Timothy Chuter earns high royalties: "The widely used devices generated $2.3 million in royalties for Chuter in the last half of 2013 alone. That was one of the 10 largest royalty payments from pharmaceutical companies to doctors nationwide, and the largest in Northern California, according to data recently released by the federal government." Read more here.

Ex-Consol manager pleads guilty in gas royalties scheme:
"A former manager of Consol Energy's land management department pleaded guilty Wednesday to stealing $440,000 from the company in gas royalties through a leasing scheme involving parcels in West Virginia and Illinois." Read more here.