Royalties: Hedge Against Job-Stealing Robots

  in Royalty Investing

Jun 06, 2016

Protect Yourself from Job-Stealing Robots With This Cash-Boosting Alternative Asset (Hint: It's Not Gold.)

A recent study predicts that up to 80% of jobs in the world today could be replaced by robots by 2050. Yes, investors, job-stealing robots are coming.

Even white-collar jobs in legal, medical, education, and business fields are subject to displacement in just a few decades, according to an analyst at the esteemed Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Now, CEO Jeff Bezos has boasted that the world is on the verge of a golden age of artificial intelligence.

Robots will teach our children. Robots will replace manufacturing jobs. Robots will replace your newspapers.

At least five million U.S. jobs that exist right now will disappear by 2020, according to the World Economic Forum, as companies adopt automation as a way to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

That's great news for Jeff Bezos and his technologies... but not for the average investor.

This is a dramatic threat to your financial security, to your family, and to your retirement.

One has to ask, where will reliable salaries and earnings come from?

How will people be able to afford retirement without relying on the government?

Well, imagine never having to worry about a robot stealing your job or your paycheck.

Imagine the chance to even own an asset that produces reliable revenue streams from the products and services that humanity will still rely upon in our robot-run future.

Imagine generating double-digit annual returns from an single asset that everyone in the world will still need every day.

Well, that reality arrived long before the robot invasion.

Who Owns the Job-Stealing Robots?

While job-stealing robots will help increase the standard of living for everyone, only a few people are going to make a lot of money off the radical technological shift driven by robotics and artificial intelligence.

When job stealing robots replace McDonald's workers, the company will pocket the money it saves (customers will still pay the same price for a burger.)

Meanwhile, someone will be out of a job.

Now — some might think that it'll just be low-wage jobs that disappear first.

But robots are already displacing high-wage jobs in pharmacies, law firms, and — gulp — journalism newsrooms.

And while new jobs and fields will emerge, it will be hard to guarantee that high wages will be available to everyone who once received them.

The nation is going to need a wealth of new ways for people to earn a living.

We should also anticipate that even though fewer people will have the jobs of yesteryear, they'll still have the same or even rising level of demand for products they consume each day in food, energy, and various forms of entertainment.

The good news is that one of the worlds greatest business models can generate you double-digit yields each year...

All you have to do is sit back and do less than the job-stealing robots...

We’re talking about the royalty business.

A Lifetime of Cash-Flows, Made Simple

With royalties, you can buy into cash flows of important assets.

Now, you probably hear the word royalty, you think about the money earned by famous authors and musicians each time someone buys their respective books or albums.

But royalties aren't just about music, television, and publishing.

They're especially common in agriculture and natural resources.

Job-stealing robots may take control of the farms or pull oil and natural gas out of the ground, but the payments of the commodities produced by the land generate hard cold cash every day for the owner of those revenue streams and mineral rights.

Remember, global food supply must increase by 60% 2050 to meet expected supply from 2014 levels, according to the United Nations.

Why wouldn't you want to tap into those revenue streams and own the cash flow of products people are going to buy and consume not just because they want to... but because they need to every day.

Best of all, the royalty marketplace is growing.

More people are buying and selling royalty streams on an open market as more entertainment and resource development emerge in our competitive world.

It's called Royalty Exchange, and it's helping investors guarantee cash flows across a wide number of commodities and assets that were hard to trade just a few years ago. You can read all about available royalties right here, and get started planning for the long term with this ultra-reliable alternative asset.

Job-stealing robots may be coming for your position, but they don't have to be coming for your salary or your retirement.