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A Royal(ty) Investment Return

in Royalty Investing

The only reason to invest in anything is to make money. Regardless if it's stocks, real estate, mutual funds or precious metals, the goal is absolute return. So how can one fashion a portfolio that withstands market maelstroms while achieving attractive rates of risk-adjusted return over time? As we pointed out [.. .]

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Film and Television Royalties

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Overview Films and television shows, just like songs, are creative works that are protected by copyright.  As such, the owners of film copyrights are entitled to royalties when their products are used. In film and television, the copyright owners are typically the producers. The directors, performers, writers and other key [.. .]

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Music Royalties Guide

in Royalty Guides, Investor Guides

All you ever wanted to know about the different kinds of royalties and how they're collected.

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