Hot Hitmakers: Week of Nov. 28

Dec 07, 2016

The debut of The Weeknd’s new album “Starboy” simply slayed every chart measuring music last week, including our Hot Hitmakers songwriting chart.

With songwriting credit on 17 tracks across the Billboard Hot 100, The Weeknd (aka Abel Tesfaye), debuted as the No. 1 songwriter of the week. Another four non-performing songwriters entered this the Hot Hitmakers as a result of their contributions to the hit album as well. They include Martin McKinney, Ahmad Balshe, Benjamin Diehl, and Henry Russell Walter.

The album also helped propel perennial hitmaker Max Martin back up the chart, from 18 to 9, thanks to his wiring credits on four tracks from the album. Overall, three tracks from the album had four different songwriters credited who made this week’s Hot Hitmakers chart: “False Alarm,” “Ordinary Life,” and “Six Feet Under.”

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