Hot Hitmakers: Week of Feb. 4

Jan 25, 2017

Having published the Hot Hitmaker's chart for a few months now, we're starting to see some trends emerge around how songwriters make and stay on the list. 

For starters, being credited as the sole songwriter behind a track is an almost surefire path to consistency. Tyler Joseph (from twenty one pilots) and Sam Hollander (writer of "HandClap") are two examples. It's increasingly rare to see a single songwriting credit anymore, and claiming such earns the songwriter the full total of points assigned to each song on the Billboard Hot 100. So that's a major achievement. 

But if exclusivity isn't possible, then variety can make up for it. Songwriters with credit across multiple songs or artists, such as Greg Kurstin and Ashley Gorley, also find themselves a regular spot on the chart. Top songwriters are in high demand, and as such often work with a wide artists across genre. 

Take a look...

Hot Hitmakers Feb. 4