Hot Hitmakers: Week of Dec. 12 (Updated)

Dec 21, 2016

Update: The original chart for this week mistakenly gave Sundance Head songwriting credit for his cover of Etta James' "At Last." As a result of correcting this error, Sundance Head is no longer listed on the chart. The Hot Hitmakers Chart below now reflects the correct list for the week. 

For the final chart ranking of the year, J. Cole debuts at the very top on the strength of his Billboard No. 1 new album 4 Your Eyez Only. As the sole songwriter credited for every track on the album, Cole's position is well-entrenched amid the many others who share songwriting duties on the chart. 

Other debuts include "The Voice" winner Sundance Head, while Lin-Manuel Miranda returned to the chart after a brief bump from last week with two tracks from the animated film "Moana."

Hot Hitmakers will return in the new year. Until then, enjoy the list, and Happy Holidays!

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