Filtering Secondary Market Assets

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May 13, 2020

The Secondary Market on Royalty Exchange is perhaps the largest online collection of music royalty assets available to investors in the world. And it just continues to grow. 

The larger the collection gets, the more difficult it can be to navigate. So today we’ve introduced a new way to sort and filter the hundreds of listings in the Secondary Market into customizable views. 

We’ve added a series of tabs immediately above the table of available assets called “Filter Listings."

Here’s what each will allow you to do: 

Sort By…

The first tab you’ll see is a general “Sort By” tab, which defaults to “Most Recently Added” so that all listings are displayed in order of those most recently added to the Secondary Market. 

But you can also sort by other factors such as: 

  • Years Remaining (on Term deals)
  • List Price
  • LTM
  • Dollar Age
  • Analyst Benchmark
  • Offers Made
  • Listing ID

The order selected will be reflected in the Featured Listings section first, and all other listings next. 

Filter By...

The Tabs that follow allow for more granular filtering for each of the following data points across all listings. Clicking each will allow you to either enter the specific range to apply the filters or use a slider. Once set, you’ll then view only the assets that fall within the parameters of your defined filters, again sorted as you prefer. 

These include: 

LTM Earnings

Dollar Age

Offers Made

Only Show / Hide

Finally, you can further refine your preferred view by only showing assets with:

  • List Price
  • Only Life of Rights
  • Only Term
  • Your Offers Only
  • Saved Listings Only
  • Filled Listings Only

 Or you can ask to hide such details as: 

  • Filled Listings
  • Media
  • Tags

That's it. We hope these sorting and filtering features make it easier for you to find the assets you're most interested in. Go check it out. 

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