Country's Hottest Hitmakers - Summer 2016

Sep 21, 2016

Making music takes a full cast of songwriters, musicians, producers, publishers, and distribution. 

We wanted to take a look at where songs originate. The songwriters often do more than just write the lyrics we all become familiar with. They piece together the melody. And while getting a #1 hit is often considered a once in a lifetime event, it was our guess that there may be some common threads before music makes it to the radio. 

So we explored the songwriters behind this summer's hottest country music. 

Here are a few big takeaways from the list.

  1.  Shane McAnnaly was the most prolific songwriter of the summer. He was a part of 6 charting songs with 6 different performing artists. 
  2. One of the writers behind this summer's top hit H.O.L.Y. has also written songs for Maren Morris and Keith Urban. 
  3. Over 100 songwriters took part in the 47 songs that made Billboard's chart. 

Country Hitmakers


To create this list, we analyzed the top country songs from the Billboard charts from June through August.

Then we cataloged the writers who wrote these amazing country songs and built a model that took into consideration 2 main criteria:

  1. The amount of times a song written by that writer appeared on the top-25 songs that week.
  2. The average position of the songs in the top-25 over the entire summer.

From there, we took these two values and made this list. We weighed each equally.