Beat Wall Street at Its Own Game, Own this Asset

  in Royalty Investing

Jun 07, 2016

While the big banks and Wall Street insiders take advantage of ordinary investors, you can avoid their next trap and instead invest in some of the most incredible alternative assets to come along in years for life-changing gains.

Over the weekend, Oscar-winning actor Matt Damon took Wall Street to task over the 2008 - 2009 financial crisis and called for Washington to take action.

“It was theft, and you knew it,” Damon said during the commencement speech at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “It was fraud and you knew it, And you know what else? We know that you knew it.”Damon's anger at Wall Street resonates with many Americans who lost their homes, their pensions, and more during the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

While it's hard to prove that everything that happened in 2008 and 2009 was theft or fraud, it is fair to say that the Wall Street game is rigged in some cases.

Today, high-frequency trading (HFT) gives certain Wall Street insiders a statistical and technological advantage when buying and selling stocks and commodities.

Insider trading continues to be a major problem, and Ponzi schemes do still exist, even after Bernie Madoff's empire collapsed.

But given that Wall Street owns Washington, does anything think the rules are going to change? That Matt Damon's anger will produce structural reform to stop bad actors on Wall Street from taking advantage of good people on Main Street?

That the big boys aren't going to stay on top and protect what's theirs?

That the Federal Reserve isn't looking out for banks after a decade of interest rate policy that has robbed ordinary people who own bank accounts and relied on savings interest to offer some boost to their fixed-income lifestyles.

All these problems have made it harder for investors to find reliable investments that put everyone on the same level playing field.

Luckily, there's one emerging market where the game isn't rigged...

And it's creating remarkable opportunities for ordinary people to own some of the hottest cash-boosting commodities in the world today.

It's a way to beat Wall Street at its own game...

It's a way to guarantee cash payments every year by tapping into an industry that the financial media never tells you about...

We're talking about the music and entertainment royalty business.

Wall Street Isn't Looking Here

Every week, the financial media is caught up in chatter about interest rates, oil prices, the latest CEO gossip, and the whatever else will generate web clicks.

They always seem to miss the once-in-a-lifetime investments.

They always seem to look back and ask “How did everyone miss this opportunity?”

It's because so many people in the media are chasing click-bait headlines instead of providing investors with actionable insight that can lead to life-changing wealth.

The music and entertainment royalty business slips under the radar so often because the industry is undergoing significant changes that no one takes the time to understand. But if you just spend a few minutes a day learning about this industry, it can change your life, alter the way your invest, and protect you from any rigged game on Wall Street.

Best of all, you'll have more fun making money from something that you never knew existed: An opportunity to own the intellectual property rights tied to the world's most popular music, art, film, and other forms of entertainment.

Get in Before Wall Street Catches On

Now, you're probably thinking that if this is so great, everyone would be doing it.

But Wall Street won't want to walk away from its bread and butter industry of charging people way too much money for underperformance. And the word from the media isn’t completely out yet.

More important: There wasn't a developed marketplace for the buying and selling of royalties in the past. For decades it was very difficult for musicians, artists, authors, and others to sell their intellectual property to interested investors like you.

Until recently…

There are ways that musicians, songwriters, producers and anyone else who owns intellectual property can sell their rights to anyone.

And this intellectual property generates cold-hard cash every time it is used, purchased, or accessed by non-rights holders.

If you own the rights to a breakthrough song, you get paid every time that it is purchased on iTunes, streamed on Pandora, even downloaded on Amazon Prime.

If you own the rights to music from a film like Dumb and Dumber - which starred comedy legends Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels — you get paid every time that song is played.

In fact, one lucky buyer recently purchased the rights to cash streams from a portfolio of songs to comedy films that includes Dumb and Dumber, Shallow Hal, There’s Something About Mary and more.

Best of all – this auction price equated to an annual yield of 19.67% based on last year’s royalty payouts.

All of these songs are from iconic films from the comedic geniuses and brothers Peter and Bobby Farrelly – and their films are regularly syndicated on cable, streamed across Netflix, and purchased as both DVDs and digital downloads.

That sort of mouth-watering yield should be music to an investor's ears, as the possibility that one could generate that level of yield for decades is not one you will find with many stocks.