Alternative Investments: Fun and Fat Yields

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Oct 16, 2014
Constance Gustke,

Here are some out-of-the-box alternative investment ideas, “some can pay you beefy interest rates – and can even be fun or help others”. Thanks to Constance Gustke of for this upbeat and informative article, “5 Alternative Investments for Fat Returns”.

Royalty Exchange loves the article but thinks that a 6th should be added to the list – Royalty Investing!

Why do we think royalties should be number 6?

Royalties are an asset-backed alternative that can also produce “fat returns” that are uncorrelated to the economy and market fluctuations

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Royalty Review is a contributed column from author and financial investment expert, Jonathan Hoenig and provides great information on music Royalty Investing.

If you are hungry for higher yields now, you have six alternatives to consider!

Read the full article, “5 alternative investments for fat returns” from Constance Gutske here, and learn about the potential returns and risk associated with the other 5.

Meanwhile, Royalty Insider has a call in to Constance Gustke to discuss number 6.

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