Artist Guides

Useful guides and resources for artists, songwriters, and anyone else using Royalty Exchange to raise money. 

Read This Before You Get A Royalty Advance

There are three main traps that you can fall into if you're not aware of the consequences.

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A Guide to Music Financing for Artists

Working capital can be hard to come by. Our guide helps you navigate the landscape and choose the option best [...]

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Guide to Auction Starting Price Strategies

When setting a starting price for your auction, sometimes the key to finishing high is to start low.

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How Investors Value Royalties

Before you decide to sell your royalties, first think like an investor.

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Selling Royalties 101

Selling music royalties is a lot like selling a house. It's all about Price, Presentation, and Promotion

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Publishers: Don't Sell Your Catalog Without Reading This First

Selling music catalogs can be time consuming, costly, and ineffective. We make it easy.

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