ARIA - Accelerating Royalty Insights with Analytics

Royalty Exchange Launches ARIA! Breaking New Ground For Royalty Owners and Publishers In The Music Industry. 

RALEIGH, N.C., Jan. 14, 2015 – Royalty Exchange, the world’s only online auction marketplace for music and entertainment royalties is making it easy for publishers, songwriters and artists to find out how much Spotify, Pandora and others are paying them per play. Introducing ARIA (Accelerating Royalty Insights with Analytics), the new online application for music royalty owners and publishers. Get started with ARIA now by clicking here!

ARIA, available for free to individual royalty owners (fee-based for publishers), was initially developed for internal use at Royalty Exchange as they produced deep analytics for investors on royalty streams coming to their marketplace. It has now been made public for industry insiders to use. ARIA breaks down royalty streams in seconds, displaying where royalties are coming from, who is paying what and how much they are worth. The tool is designed to simplify the traditional royalty analysis process, doing in seconds what has historically taken hours or even days.

“Anything that helps us immediately find the deficiencies saves us tremendous time,” said Frank Liwall, President of The Royalty Network. “With ARIA our eyes are immediately drawn to the problems so we can begin to address them, instead of having to spend hours sifting through the data to construct a view of what is happening in the catalog.”

“The biggest problem we deal with is that there are too many sources of sales. It is difficult to know if the reports are accurate and you are getting paid correctly,” said Steve Weatherby, Vice President Del Records. “I need a tool like this to help me highlight discrepancies more easily so that I can be proactive in getting them resolved.”

“We’re always looking for ways to increase transparency with our writer and catalog clients and ARIA provides some interesting tools to accomplish this,” said Keatly Haldeman, Riptide Music. “As royalty data becomes more complex, we can see ARIA becoming an integral part of how we share this information to our clients.”

“Every royalty owner and publisher should add this tool to their arsenal as they battle for their fair share of royalty payments and collections,” said Sean Peace, President of Royalty Exchange. “The light is shining bright on the issue of royalty rates right now as we wait to see what happens at the Department of Justice with regard to the potential consent decree changes. Artists like Taylor Swift and Bono are also helping to keep this issue in the forefront as they battle over what they are getting paid by streaming services. ARIA helps them tackle these issues by providing them with key information that has been hard to pull together in the past.”

ARIA is featured on the Royalty Exchange Analytics site