Accredited Investor Verification

Per SEC regulations, only accredited investors may participate in Private Syndicates. The SEC defines accredited investors as those who meet either of the follow criteria:

  • An annual income exceeding $200,000 ($300,000 for joint income) for the past two years
  • An individual or joint net worth exceeding $1 million, excluding the value of their primary residence

U.S. federal laws require us to take “reasonable steps” to verify that the investors in our Private Syndicates meet this criteria. In order to respect your privacy and your confidentiality, Royalty Exchange has chosen VerifyInvestor as a third party accredited investor verification service. This service is provided at no cost to you.

To participate in a Private Syndicate offering, please verify your accredited investor status by using the form to the right. VerifyInvestor will then contact you directly via e-mail to complete the verification process.

If you would like to verify your accredited investor status, please confirm the statement below.

About VerifyInvestor

We use VerifyInvestor, a third-party service, to take the necessary steps to be compliant in verifying investors as accredited investors. You can read more about their service on their website.