TRE Updates Fees and Policies

TRE Updates Fees and Policies

Based on feedback from buyers and sellers, The Royalty Exchange (TRE) has revised their percentages as we continue our tremendous growth. As you will see with the changes, we definitely think you will like them! Here they are:

Buyers Fees – are reduced to 2.5% (previously 10%) of the final auction price

Management Fees – are reduced to 2.5% (previously 5%)

Sellers Fees – will remain 12.5%, however, this fee will now start to scale down for items $100K and larger

Legal Transfer Fees – Minimum of $500 (*Each auction listing will have the minimum fee listed on the auction).

*The legal transfer fees can increase based on the type of auction and is an estimate of the final fee. If the buyer makes any changes to our standard agreements, they will be responsible for all legal fee associated with those changes at our counsel’s standard rates.