The Royalty Exchange Shifts into Gear

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The Royalty Exchange Shifts into Gear

The Royalty Exchange Shifts into Gear

Evershift, a company founded by Klaus Lovgreen, has acquired a minority equity stake in The Royalty Exchange and will additionally be supporting the company on a strategic and business development level. "I got excited about the The Royalty Exchange when I understood the opportunity of generating long-term royalty income from music I love." said Lovgreen.

TRE has been off to a very fast start since its foundation back in late July of last year, and the addition of Evershift is a huge step in creating an efficient online marketplace for buying and selling royalties.

"Klaus, with Evershift, allow us to accelerate growth into Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Klaus also brings a wealth of knowledge to the management team to help us handle our exponential growth." said Sean Peace, President of TRE.

Following the sale of hundreds of songs, numerous collections and the addition of new types of royalty streams, TRE is gaining strong momentum into the new year. In the upcoming months, TRE is also in the process of creating a “secondary market” to allow investors the ability to sell portions of their royalty streams to other investors. This will allow investors the ability to achieve liquidity, as well as, purchase portions of their favorite streams. Other upcoming features include an expanded portfolio dashboard, the ability to “Submit a Song”, social network for investors, new types of royalty streams and much more!

TRE is reaching towards new horizons in the investment and entertainment world. The team at TRE is very grateful for the success of past auctions, wonderful relationships with investors, efficient transactions with sellers and its new partnership with Evershift.

The financial details of the deal with Evershift are not disclosed.

About The Royalty Exchange

The Royalty Exchange is the first alternative investment marketplace providing percentages of movies, books, television shows, patents, trademarks, pharmaceuticals and music royalties to be easily, as well as confidentially, sold to the public in an auction format. Created for investors, sellers and fans, The Royalty Exchange provides a completely transparent and efficient auction environment for the community to own unique alternative investments.

About Evershift and Klaus Lovgreen

Klaus Lovgreen founded AME Info in 1996 and launched initially as a CD-ROM business directory for the Middle East. AME Info became the leading provider of business and financial information in and about the Middle East and was the first online media in the region to be audited by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (UK) in 2005. In March 2005, HSBC Private Equity Middle East Ltd. acquired significant equity stake in AME Info FZ LLC and on the 4th of July 2006, London-based Emap plc (EMA.L) announced that Emap Communications, its business-to-business (B2B) division, acquired AME Info.

Lovgreen invested into a number of technology companies from 2008 onwards including Tradeshift, Wordy, Oxis Energy, Gridiant Corp, and Everbread among others. In 2011 the Telegraph named Lovgreen the 55th most influential technology investor in Europe. Lovgreen founded Evershift limited in April 2011 to make direct investments and provide various advisory services. Evershift made its first significant investment into - a merged managed services and infrastructure business in the UK during the summer of 2011 and went onto investing into music royalties.

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