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3 Doors Down

Bid on Producer Royalties for 11 tracks recorded and performed by alt-rock band, 3 Doors Down. The song collection includes Billboard Hot 100 hit songs such as "Kryptonite", "Be Like That" and "When I'm Gone".

Auction Type: Current Unit Price: Bidding Status:
Multi-Unit $4,850 Open
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Operation Repo

Bid on 100% of the Alvaro (Al) Morello BMI writer's share public performance royalties from the theme song and cues for the hit TV show, Operation Repo. The...
Auction Type: Single-Unit
Starting Price: $15,000
Time Left:

J-Lo / The Sugarhill Gang

Bid on 100% of Cheryl Cook's BMI Writer's Share of public performance royalties to 31 tracks including hit songs recorded by Jennifer Lopez, the Sugarhill...
Auction Type: Single-Unit
Starting Price: $20,000
Time Left:

N'Vision Entertainment

Bid on 75% of N’Vision Entertainment’s Gospel, Sacred and Inspirational Catalog featuring performances from many of Gospel Music’s most popular Artists...
Auction Type: Multi-Unit
Starting Unit Price: $4,400
Bidding Starts: TBD

Pluralsight Videos

Bid on 99% of royalties generated from a series of online educational programming courses taught by John Sonmez on the platform,
Auction Type: Multi-Unit
Starting Unit Price: $14,000
Bidding Starts: TBD

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